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Jun 23, 2016News

Managing inventory is an exceedingly important aspect of the supply chain. Inventory costs can often rival transportation spending, and can offer the risk for significant potential losses. However, inventory management can offer the opportunity for significant investments and optimization within the supply chain process. Inventory management can receive a bad reputation, but it is essential for organizations to support their customer’s needs. Providing comprehensive inventory management can create extensive costs benefits that transcend into into cost benefits during the transportation process.

Inventory management allows companies to gain insight and prediction into which products are going to be slow moving and which they may need to accommodate for unexpected demand. Inventory management allows for organizations to target their customer’s needs and accommodate accordingly. The requirements for inventory management software may vary from industry to industry, but overall, it all offers the same purpose: the ability to be proactive. Inventory management software helps decrease the risk of excess or too little inventory. By decreasing these risks, the overall supply chain risk is able to be mitigated and can help increase the loyalty of their customers.

At TOC Logistics, we believe in using a customized process for the entire supply chain, including inventory management. Inventory management software forecasts demand, thus allowing for organizations to have increased accuracy for fulfilling orders and having the correct amount of their goods for their customers. As most inventory does not improve with age, having software that can forecast supply and demand is essential to keeping customers happy and not having product go to waste.

While there are many technologies and software that are considered obsolete or unnecessary, technology management is imperative for success. Without metrics it is difficult to understand your successes or failures. If you can’t measure it, you can’t create future success. Technology management allows for the opportunity for success through forecasting and analytics about your current inventory and supply chain process.

At TOC Logistics, we use metrics and analytics to guide our solutions that are client focused. The supply chain runs best on strong communication and innovative technology. We believe in connecting our clients with the best industry software suited to their needs, thus providing increased visibility and optimizing the supply chain process.

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