Even when equipped with an incredible strategy, there comes a time when every organization must expedite a shipment. When time is of the essence, air expedite services need to be part of the discussion. The TOC Team always works to ensure our customers are well informed about options that are available. To help with this, we’re outlining the basics of air expedites and how TOC Logistics can work with your company when cargo needs to arrive expediently. 

What are Air Expedites? 

Air expedites are a subset of air freight services that are specifically designed to address urgent and time sensitive shipments. Although air expedite services often come at a higher cost, they offer the fastest and most reliable delivery options. 

Organizations frequently use air expedites for: 

  • Time-sensitive deliveries (same or next-day delivery needed)
  • Valuable shipments
  • Temperature-control services
  • On-demand services

Benefits of Using Air Expedites

Although costly, there are many benefits to using air expedites to move cargo. TOC Logistics can be your company’s partner to help your organization navigate these and ensure they don’t impact your company’s bottom line. 

Delivery Speed 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of air expedites is right in the name—they help your company get cargo somewhere quickly. If your organization is dealing with time-sensitive deliveries, our team can help organize and plan air expedited deliveries through our many carrier partners. That way, you can be certain your cargo will arrive on time.


Air expedites can also offer your organization peace of mind when shipping valuable cargo. Since air expedites are considered the ‘top tier’ of air freight services, they can ensure reliable delivery wherever you need your cargo to go. 


Air expedites allow organizations to be more flexible. Being able to speed up your cargo delivery along one part of a supply chain will allow more buffer room to account for other potential delays. If there are any interruptions, these quick and reliable services will allow your company to keep on top of any troubles that may arise. 

More Supply Independence

Should supply chain interruptions impact domestic suppliers, organizations can rely on air expedites to fill that gap by providing speedy access to resources abroad. In fact, we regularly work with our customers to integrate mitigation tactics like this into their supply chain strategies. 

Air expedites can provide speed and agility when they’re needed the most. However, with a higher price tag, these services are best reserved for special cases. If your organization needs help getting started, reach out to our team. We’ll be glad to assess your supply chain and introduce you to our network of carrier partners.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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