The Importance of Relationships in Supply Chains

Dec 6, 2018Supply Chain Management

At TOC, we value the importance of the relationships we build with our clients. All companies have different needs, and when they find the right supply chain partner who can understand those needs, strong foundations for relationships will form.

The supply chain industry comes with many outside variables, like risk, that require communication and data to create success with both parties. When communication and data reporting is done well, that creates a partner that you can trust.


There is a great amount of risk when transporting products for clients.

Working with a company that understands and can articulate risks, and be transparent about them, is key. While risk in our industry cannot be eliminated, we continually work to earn the trust of our clients through strong relationships so they know that we are delivering superior results.


Communication is key to any relationship, but it is vital in a supply chain relationship.

For a supply chain to work efficiently, it is both the client and the transporter’s responsibility to keep open air waves to collaborate, solve challenges, and share any new or worsening developments with one another.

The stronger the commitment to ongoing and clear communication is, the stronger the relationship becomes. Communication allows for a better understanding of the client’s goals and allows for those goals to be achieved.

Data and Reporting

Data and reporting strengthen relationships. We use an in-depth engineering process that ensures cost savings for our clients, and are very transparent about the information we gather.

We also connect our clients with the proper industry-leading software to provide them visibility to key points within the shipping process. With access to proprietary software programs that keep shipments moving, our data offers clients confidential, online access to delivery status, details and comprehensive documentation. Reporting this data to our clients not only establishes trust, it creates a foundation for a strong relationship.


In order for a strong relationship to exist, it is important that a supply chain partner has a high level of integrity. Being honest, and ensuring that you do not stray from your moral principles, will help earn trust from clients.

At TOC Logistics, we treat our clients with respect, are sincere in our actions, and always keep a client’s best interest in mind when creating their custom supply chain solutions.


We understand the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships in order to drive the success of supply chains. If you’re interested in a relationship with TOC Logistics, give us a call, we would love to learn more about your needs and develop solutions customized just for you.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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