The Root of Delay

Sep 14, 2023Blog, Supply Chain Management

The logistics industry is complex and dynamic, with delays from a wide range of sources. After all, who could forget the infamous Suez Canal blockage in March 2021? The effects of that setback were felt throughout the industry for months afterwards. Still, while the wedging of the Ever Given was easy to pinpoint, there are more subtle factors that regularly cause supply chain delays. We’re diving into some of those less obvious obstacles and—better yet—including ways to prepare your organization to mitigate those effects.

Capacity Shortages

Capacity shortages can cause significant delays, whether that’s a shortage in shipping containers or available cargo space. These shortages can be attributed to increased e-commerce demand, imbalanced trade, and equipment shortages.

To mitigate these issues, logistics providers like TOC Logistics secure cargo space in advance to ensure timely shipments. We also work closely with carriers to access available containers and explore consolidation options to optimize cargo space usage for the customers we serve. When a capacity shortage hits, our relationships in the industry can make the difference between a secured shipment or literally missing the boat.

Weather and Disasters

Weather events and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquakes, can disrupt transportation routes, damage infrastructure, and lead to cargo delays. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor weather forecasts and reroute shipments when necessary to mitigate potential losses. Communication is key in these cases.

It’s also essential to have a plan in place far in advance. Since disasters and weather can change in a matter of moments, these plans can ensure organizations are prepared long before something unexpected happens.

Policies and Regulations

Changes in trade policies, tariffs, and customs regulations can disrupt supply chains and delay customs clearance. These shifts can be unpredictable, and they often require organizations to adapt quickly.

This is why we’re constantly staying up to date on any potential changes to trade regulations. If something is on the horizon that may impact our customers, we’re certain to alert them and advise accordingly. We proudly offer customs brokerage services to expedite clearance and assist our customers as they navigate complex compliance issues.

Partnering with an experienced and agile logistics provider like TOC Logistics International can significantly mitigate delays in your organization’s supply chain. By offering proactive solutions, real-time communication, and a global network of partners, we’re dedicated to helping our customers navigate these obstacles effectively. While we can’t control the factors that may lead to delays, we help our customers develop alternative plans and proactive measures to mitigate these issues long before they arise.


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