5 Things to Know About Starting a Career in Logistics

Sep 29, 2022Blog, Careers at TOC, International Logistics

Pretty much everyone wants to work a job they love, get decent pay, and build a career in a stable industry. Maybe that’s why searches for “logistics jobs” have remained consistent over the last five years. Despite COVID-19, natural disasters, recessions, and political upheaval, one thing’s for certain—the supply chain has to keep moving. And that means the industry needs hardworking, creative minds to make it happen.

 We’re always excited to see new faces in the industry. That’s why we’re putting together the top five things job seekers need to know before starting a career in the logistics industry.

There’s Never a Dull Moment in the Logistics Industry.

Sure, there are established cargo lanes throughout the world, but the conditions that affect those routes change from day to day. From political shifts to natural disasters, updated regulations, traffic jams, and delayed flights, there’s always another new challenge to keep team members on their toes. While some may find this stressful, others thrive in a fast-paced, variable environment. This isn’t an industry where employees show up, follow the exact same routine, and then leave. Every day is exciting!

 You Don’t Need a College Degree to Work in Logistics.

If there’s one thing that sets the logistics industry apart, it’s that it’s open to anyone who’s willing to learn the ropes and immerse themselves in the trade. Unlike a lot of career paths, most entry-level logistics jobs only required a General Education Degree. This can be a game changer for anyone who wants a steady career with upward mobility but might not want to attend a two or four-year traditional college.

 Relationships Rule Logistics.

When someone joins the logistics industry, they’re stepping into a world of relationships, collaboration, and compromises. While all organizations differ, TOC Logistics focuses on a welcoming, all-inclusive culture that helps build a family-like structure throughout our team. When it comes to the wider industry as a whole, relationships with customers, vendors, and industry peers can make a world of a difference when trying to move freight. The logistics industry is a place where it really pays to get to know people and to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships along the way.

 The Logistics Industry Can Take You Anywhere.

When we think of supply chains, it’s on a global scale. That’s because everything is connected, and the same is true for the people who work in the industry. Every organization in the world relies on a supply chain for success, which means if there’s somewhere you want to live, chances are there are logistics careers available in that location. Plus, because of this global nature, people who speak more than one language are bound to find opportunities to utilize that knowledge and make lasting relationships.

 There’s Always Something New to Learn.

There are a wide variety of facets to the supply chain. That means there’s always something new to learn about the industry, even for those who have been in the trade for a long time. Plus, so many avenues for information means there are plenty of areas that professionals can specialize in. For example, those who are interested in customs can take a wide variety of courses and even become a Customs and Border Patrol Licensed Customs Broker, which brings value to their resume and the organizations they work with.

 We could go on and on about this industry. After all, we clearly love working in logistics, and we’ve proven to be a highly effective team when it comes to handling our customers’ supply chain hurdles. If you’re looking to start a new career or even switch things up within the logistics industry, check out our job openings to see if you’re a good fit! We’d love to have you on the team.


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