Why We Love Logistics

Jul 21, 2022Blog, TOC Team

Ask anyone in the logistics industry, and they’ll tell you the same thing—there’s never a dull moment in logistics. That’s even more true nowadays, with shifting international relations, COVID-19 policies, and supply chain shortages across the globe.

All of these changes mean the industry is growing at a rapid pace. For the sake of anyone looking to join the supply chain business, we’re highlighting our favorite things about being part of this industry.

There’s Always Something New

Like we mentioned above, the logistics industry evolves just about every day. Situations can develop throughout the workday and even overnight, which means it’s a great job for anyone who loves thinking on their feet.

“It’s a great industry,” said Mariana Herrera, Global Business Development at TOC Logistics. “I have yet to be bored in thirty-seven years—not even for one day.”

The TOC Logistics team focuses on analyzing each customer’s data and then developing creative solutions to address their unique supply chain challenges. It’s an ideal environment for innovative thinkers and people with great attention to detail. Plus, since we promote a collaborative environment, there are always plenty of team members to bounce ideas off of. After all, when we work together, we discover new ways of approaching obstacles that, in the end, benefit our customers’ supply chains.

A World of Opportunities

Although logistics may seem intimidating to some, it’s a highly accessible field. In fact, it’s one of the few careers that doesn’t require a college degree. That means it’s the ideal industry for anyone who’s willing to learn and enjoys thinking on their feet.

Since our teams work with people all over the world, becoming a part of the logistics industry means opening up doors internationally. Once someone is established in the industry, there are very few limits to where they can work, if they’re willing to fulfill local regulations.

Of course, there are also opportunities closer to home. TOC Logistics encourages our team members to pursue continued education, whether that’s in the form of certifications, college courses, or even learning about different departments from other members of the team. If a team member wants to learn more about a specific area of the industry, or if they’d like to transition from one department to another, we do our best to facilitate their requests. After all, we want our team members to love coming into work each day.

Awesome Teams

If it wasn’t obvious already, we’re passionate about our team. The supply chain and logistics industries create a great opportunity for highly diverse teams. Since we’re working with vendors and customers from so many different countries, cultures, and languages, it’s important to reflect those values internally, too. Diverse teams have also been shown to develop more creative ideas, and that’s something we prize highly in this industry.

That’s why about half of TOC Logistics’ team is made up of women. Around 50% is also comprised of minorities, because we know we need a wealth of lived experiences to truly develop viable solutions for our customers and address the struggles impacting the industry around the world.

If you’re looking for a position in this great field, check out our job openings! We’d love to be part of your logistics industry journey.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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