Advantages of Digital Supply Chains

Jul 28, 2022Blog, Supply Chain Management

When COVID hit, it forced every industry to adapt. For most workplaces, that meant employees had to go remote, which brought on the rise of digital supply chains. Still, a few organizations are still clinging to their physical files. Some are even functioning through spreadsheets. While that may technically be hosted and edited in the digital realm, it’s nothing compared to what a fully digitized supply chain can do.

We’ve put together some of the best reasons to shift to an integrated digital approach. Need more convincing? Read on.

Informed Decisions

When handling the fast-paced world of the supply chain industry, having streamlined processes are key…but you already knew that. Still, it’s an area where digital supply chains excel.

The best way to identify inefficiencies and address bottlenecks is to analyze data. Logically, the more data on hand, the more accurate those processes will be. Digital supply chains make that easy by storing important information in one, easy-to-access location. Add in technology like predictive analytics, and it all sounds like a recipe for success.

Improved Collaboration

Making connections within the supply chain industry is a must, since those relationships help garner innovative ways to provide real-time supply chain solutions. By analyzing the data within a digital supply chain, it’s easier to identify areas where partnerships could be beneficial for both the customer and carrier. Inefficiencies can waste the time of both parties, which may lead to strained relationships. Instead, data can help encourage collaboration and relieve that tension.

In addition to external partners, digitized processes can improve communication between every section of an organization’s supply chain. That’s why TOC Logistics partnered with Mercado to create the industry’s first Import Order Management System. It allows organizations to link their sourcing, procurement, and logistics teams, which improves visibility and communication across the supply chain.

TOC Logistics is standing by to help your organization make the move to a digital supply chain. Want to learn a little more? Get in touch with us today.


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