Further Impacts of China’s Lockdowns

Apr 21, 2022Market Advisory

The country-wide COVID situation in China is changing daily. TOC Logistics is in constant communication with our representatives in the country, because their staff and operations are all impacted. Unlike the United States where there were lockdown exceptions made for critical industries like logistics, infrastructure and transportation, China’s actions extend to nearly everyone across every industry, including freight forwarders. 

As of April 18th, new guidance is available regarding the quarantine, since more than 19,000 cases have been confirmed this week. The lockdown and the need to divert cargo away from Shanghai Pudong (PVG) has caused delays in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, and Shenzhen as they try to manage the overflow. 


  • Air freight picked up within Shanghai can be dispatched from PVG. Pickups outside Shanghai can be dispatched at Zhengzhou (CGO), Peking (PEK) or Qingdao (TAO).
  • LCL pickups within Shanghai and delivered to Shanghai CFS are not possible. All CFS in Shanghai are closed. Pickup outside of Shanghai can be delivered to Ningbo CFS.
  • FCL pickups within or outside Shanghai can be delivered to Shanghai port.
  • Truck shipments are starting to move with more regularity, and on April 18th, many government and municipal workers were able to resume work.

Reopening is not expected until the Labor Holiday, which spans April 30-May 4, 2022.


  • As of April 16, 2022, the China Southern Terminal (includes QR/CZ/CI/KE/MH etc) is not accepting import cargo.
  • The Public Terminal is operating normally. Cargo should be routed to either the Public Terminal or Shenzhen.


  • For air imports into Zhengzhou (CGO), the airport will NOT accept any shipments requiring a customs transfer to PVG any time after April 11th.  
  • The area is under a new close-up management regulation (lockdown) for the airport and surrounding area from April 15th. 
  • Zhengzhou teams will arrange shuttle trucks with green passes to pick up and deliver the cargo between the airport area and a backup warehouse outside as a solution to deal with the challenge.


  • Import cargo is increasing sharply as it takes on diverted cargo from other airports. 
  • Starting at 00:00 on April 21, 2022 through 24:00 April 27, 2022, Shenzhen Airport International Cargo terminal will accept import cargo in limited volume.
  • Only 250 tons of all types of goods per day can be accepted:
    • Only 125 tons of perishable cargo and temperature controlled shipments.
    • Only 125 tons of general cargo, including semiconductor chips, urgent supply chain cargo and palletized cargo will be accepted.
    • No dangerous goods cargo or loose cargo will be accepted.
    • No cargo destined for PVG will be accepted. 

While the lockdown is still causing delays for cargo moving through Shanghai, there are some positive signs as workers start to return where possible. Some communities are testing negative, allowing people to occasionally leave their homes. Trucking options are easing up every day as more green passes are given and drivers remain negative for COVID. Despite slight moves toward more openings, many areas are implementing full testing and switching to online schooling, which is typically the first signs of wider lockdowns coming up. 

If your cargo is making its way from, to, or through China, TOC Logistics must still caution that things are far from improved. If possible, contingencies should be planned to prevent inventory levels dropping while cargo is in transit. It’s our goal to offer creative and effective solutions to mitigate the delays to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, this is a difficult scenario that we will keep updating, as there are currently zero expectations that the situation will resolve anytime soon. More information should be coming April 22, 2022 and TOC Logistics will keep you updated. 


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