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Oct 6, 2016News

jessica-mansellJessica Mansell has been part of our team since June 2015. A Fort Wayne native, she attended college at ITT Tech to study visual communications. For three years, she lived and worked in Bloomington as a graphic designer, then moved on to a job at a phone-support company in Indianapolis. This is where she learned customer-service skills that are key to what she does at TOC Logistics. A big reason why Jessica loves her work here is the customers she interacts with on a daily basis, plus the high-level work needed to complete every shipment. Find out more about Jessica and her role at TOC Logistics.

What is your role and responsibilities at TOC?
It is based in the Operations team. I provide my customers with the knowledge they need to be able to manage their supply chain at the highest capacity. I utilize a vast network throughout the world to bring shipments into or even out of the U.S. and to customer’s doors. My main focus is air shipments but, like my team members, I can coordinate all modes of transportation.

What is your favorite part about working at TOC?
At TOC, we embrace diversity. We are all passionate, hard-working individuals who support a balance of fun that cannot be topped! I can count on my team and they count on me. I learn a new skill each and every day. The more we all learn together, the better we are and I am proud to be here.

How do you see the future of logistics and supply chain changing?
The future of logistics is definitely going into a more automated direction with large companies that have little understanding of person-to-person communication. With that in mind, I like to say we break from the mold and go above and beyond for each of our customers. We do this by understanding and adapting to changes quickly.

How do you see TOC continuing to change and evolve as the industry changes?
I see TOC refining our combined knowledge and applying it toward better customer care. We weather changes in the industry by remaining pragmatic and quickly implementing procedures that do more for our customers.

What do you think the most important thing is for your clients to know about yourself or TOC?
The most important thing I want my clients to know is that they can count on me to be at every step of each shipment and beyond!

What sets TOC apart from other logistics companies in your opinion?
TOC thinks outside of the box. We do not just do as we are told. We ask questions, we search for solutions even before a problem is presented, and we do not leave our customers stranded.

Anything else you would like to include?
Outside of work, I enjoy performance cars and participate in many assorted car-related events from car shows to autocross races.


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