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Oct 15, 2015News

Leadership: the act of leading a group of people or an organization. What that definition doesn’t include is being a leader is more than being “in charge”. Being an effective leader is the cumulation of an abundance of traits, behaviors, and skills put into action to accomplish a goal. Being a good leader means that not only do you accomplish the task or goal at hand, you also do so with the help, respect, and inspiration of your team. At TOC Logistics, our value of leadership is one that is focused not only on completing the task, but empowering our team to provide innovative solutions. We believe that being a good leader means not only delivering the best service to our customers, but also to each other. In doing this, we are able to empower each individual at TOC to go above and beyond for our clients by continuously developing leadership skills.

With that being said, you can count on our leaders having these four qualities:

Commitment: We’re committed to our clients and their goals. This commitment means everything to us. Our teams lead by example and it’s not unusual so see senior-level staff aiding entry-level associates in necessary tasks. Hard work is performed on every level at TOC Logistics, this inspires and empowers every team member letting them know their work matters, to us and to the client. We’re committed to accomplishing your goals on your deadline. We’re committed to ourselves to create a work environment that allows our leaders to lead by example and with respect.

Communication: Sometimes even the best leaders forget their staff and clientele can’t read minds. Excellent communication skills allow for two-way communication to flow freely, thus improving the efficiency of tasks performed and the goodwill among the interpersonal relationships between leaders and their staff. Our leaders communicate with our clients at length to ensure that every need is being met accordingly. Internally, our leaders communicate to each other and their staff to ensure that the process of meeting client’s needs flow smoothly. Our emphasis on communication is a direct reflection of the efficient process we’ve developed at TOC.

Confidence: We’re confident we can finish the task at hand. We’re confident we can inspire and empower every employee to believe the same. When you work with TOC Logistics, you’re working with a global logistics company that can meet your needs and be solutions driven while client focused. We whole-heartedly believe that our transparent, optimized and collaborative methods will go above and beyond in accomplishing your goals and providing continuous innovative logistics solutions. It is this confidence in ourselves that allows us to meet and exceed needs and expectations.

Positive Attitude: A key aspect of staying motivated is maintaining a positive outlook. When faced with a difficult situation, we don’t see problems, we see opportunities for innovative solutions. When we say we’re solutions driven, it’s more than a tagline to catch your interest. At TOC, we’re interested in finding solutions that can make your life easier. This positivity exudes from our leaders in everything they do. When working with our team, our leaders focus on staying up-beat to find an innovative solution and inspire their team to stay dedicated to the task at hand.

Our leaders have all of these qualities, plus many more. It is in these behaviors that our staff and leaders allow TOC Logistics to shine in providing innovative solutions for our company. TOC Logistics was created to be different, which means that every one of our leaders is unique and gifted in bringing out the best qualities in their staff to optimize our ability to accomplish your goals.


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