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Mar 16, 2017News

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Nohelia Freeman has used her international roots to benefit her position as an International Specialist at TOC Logistics International LLC. In 2012, after receiving her degree in Finance and International Relations from a Colombian university, Nohelia moved to the United States at the age of 27 years old. Today, Nohelia works within TOC’s operation team.

Continue reading to learn more about Nohelia’s unique background, and how she uses this to her advantage:


As an employee who wasn’t born in the United States, what does working at a minority-owned business mean to you? Did this factor stand out to you when applying to work at TOC?

“It gives me pride as a Colombian to enjoy the opportunity to work in a minority-owned business. As an immigrant, and a person with Latin heritage, I know how hard it is to find a job in this country.

The experiences that I’ve had while working at TOC has helped me understand overall work process and how challenging it can be to improve daily and to learn new skills. When I applied to TOC Logistics in 2014, it did appeal to me that it was a minority-owned business.”


Do you think that this puts you at an advantage when working in a field that does international work?

“I do think that it’s an advantage to work for a minority-owned company that employs many different types of people.”


What is your current position at TOC?

“I am an International Specialist. My responsibilities are to monitor and assist logistics operation for domestic ocean and air cargo movements, to handle all aspects of domestic import and export shipments by air or ocean, to ensure that shipment instructions are being followed, to interact with all parties involved, and to provide accurate reports to customers.”


What is your favorite part about working at TOC?

“I enjoy working at TOC because of our office’s diversity, open environment, team work ethic, and our leadership. Every day since I’ve worked at TOC I have learned new skills because of this environment.”


How do you see the future of logistics and supply chain changing?

“The future of logistics will continue to develop and change, and consequently each organization needs to learn different methods in order to stay competitive. I think that yesterday’s supply chain is not the same as tomorrows. Also, technology will play a large role in how business will be directed.”


How do you see TOC continuing to change and evolve as the industry changes?

“I see TOC improving processes, implementing and embracing new opportunities, and learning from the past. Without a doubt, TOC will continue grow and expand their international operations. When I started at TOC we were a team of around 20 people. Now we have more employees, and continue to grow, collaborate, compromise and work together as a cohesive team.”



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