Moving Forward Despite Delays

Nov 4, 2021Blog, Supply Chain Management, Time Critical Logistics

Delayed shipments can mean more than just lost money; they can result in a loss of customer trust, compromised opportunities, and long-term repercussions to your reputation. 

Still, with the industry operating how it currently is, every shipment seems to be time critical. Ships float in ports, unable to unload containers, and even the containers on the ground are delayed from moving forward. When one part of the supply chain isn’t moving perfectly, it impacts the other parts. That’s why it’s a supply chain; every action in it has a chain reaction.

So what do you do when your shipments are stalled in the middle of one big logistics snarl? We’ve got some answers.

Stay Flexible

We’ll be frank: times are tough in the industry, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Still, because of that, the key to receiving items in a timely manner is flexibility.

What do we mean? There may be times when a shipment needs to suddenly be rerouted or split up. There may also be times when only part of a full shipment can be delivered or when that shipment needs to be transported using a mode an organization has never used before. 

In those moments, it’s best to remember that any progress is progress, even if it’s gained by some unusual means. Our team is working day and night to develop innovative solutions at a time when everything is at a standstill. We have your organization’s best interests at heart, and we’re doing all we can to get cargo where it needs to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Control What You Can

The ports are backed up. There’s a worker shortage in the trucking industry. Containers are sparse in certain areas of the world. Everything seems to be changing at a moment’s notice.

How should organizations cope with this? By controlling and overseeing the sections of their supply chains that they can. Still, since goods are constantly entering and leaving through various checkpoints, it can be difficult to have true visibility throughout the journey. This is especially true for shipments that are currently facing unprecedented obstacles in the wake of everything impacting the industry.

To address this need, TOC Logistics partnered with Mercado to provide the industry’s first Import Order Management System (iOMS). This system connects sourcing, procurement, and logistics teams in one program so organizations can finally have full visibility of their entire supply chain from the first mile to the last. That means organizations can communicate effectively with all parts of their supply chain, so customers, receivers, and warehouses know what to expect ahead of time.


Our team is here to partner with your organization. We aim to integrate into your team and address your individual needs as much as possible. That’s why we focus on offering clear communication, transparency, and expert support, now more than ever. 

We look at the big picture, not just at a single shipment. By analyzing your shipping data and offering an unbiased perspective, we can save you money, find innovative solutions, and help prevent future unplanned spend. If there’s a solution, we’ll work to find it.

In a time when everything seems to be working against the punctual arrival of any shipment, you need a partner who knows the industry inside and out. That’s where we come in. Reach out to your organization’s TOC representative today to learn how we can help.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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