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Aug 17, 2022Blog, Business Intelligence

It seems like every day, there’s a new system or program that’s being developed to solve problems we never knew we had. Words that were once reserved for sci-fi novels—like cryptocurrency and blockchains—get thrown around offices like it’s no big deal. We’re living in a technological renaissance, and that means if there’s a task that needs to be done, there’s a program out there that can do it.

Instead of shying away from these advances, our team embraces the opportunities they bring. We’re dedicated to staying updated on the newest industry innovations, and on finding ways to utilize existing programs to make our customers’ lives way, way easier.

Our Commitment

From the start, TOC Logistics made the decision to invest in technological advancements and foster a problem-solving mindset. We’re committed to finding ways to use technology to bring visibility and enhance our customers’ experiences.

What does that mean? A variety of things. We’re constantly evaluating new products on the market, identifying what may bring value to our customers, and filling gaps we might see. Plus, if there isn’t an existing system to get the job done, we’re not afraid to make one. When it comes to the systems that are in place, we’re always approaching our work with efficiency and the customer in mind.

Prioritizing Efficiency

We love building relationships with our customers and vendors. However, while a human touch is great when it comes to making connections, it can be unnecessary for other processes.

What do we mean? Well, we have a saying around here: “If you’ve done it five times manually, there’s probably a better way.” For example, think about an invoice. Back in the day, we’d type one up on a typewriter, place it in an envelope, and mail it off to its destination. Nowadays, it’d be more common to type it into the system, print it for mailing, or attach it to an email. Still, there are a lot of potential problems with this process, including the letter getting lost in the mail, an email going to spam, or even potentially sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

A while ago, our team identified these issues and decided to act. That’s why we invested in new systems that would allow us to send EDIs (Electronic Data Interchanges). EDIs are traceable, and the data contained in them is encrypted so it stays secure. In the end, our customers receive a better, more secure experience, and our team saves time by not going to the post office. It’s a win-win.

A Team of Problem Solvers

We love when management brings solutions to the table—what company doesn’t? But we love it even more when everyone feels empowered to make changes that can improve customer experiences and work quality. That’s why we encourage all team members in any department to approach their work with a problem-solving mindset. It helps us avoid doing something “because it’s always been done that way.” If it’s not efficient and effective, we’re moving on.

That’s part of the reason we utilize programs by WiseTech Global and Mercado Labs. Both of these groups supply programs that share our innovative approach to supply chains and customer relationships. After all, at the end of the day, those are the things that really matter.

Interested in learning more about how we integrate technology into our everyday lives? Want to know how our processes can benefit your organization? Get in touch with our team. We’d love to talk.


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