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Jan 2, 2020International Logistics, Supply Chain Management

Our blog is the number one way to stay up to date with everything going on at TOC, changes in the industry, and general industry knowledge. We want to be your information central for all things concerning global logistics and the supply chain.

As we leave 2019 behind and begin 2020, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the top blog content from the past year as determined by you, our readers. Let’s see what some of your favorite topics were throughout 2019.

Staff Spotlight: Cameron Cook

TOC Logistics would be nothing without our talented, driven, and dedicated team members who move the meter for our customers each and every day. Cameron Cook actually started with us in 2018, but in February of 2019, we did a staff spotlight on him.

He is passionate about the industry and has continued to be an integral part of our team. Cameron’s main responsibilities are to grow client and sales portfolios by researching clients, analyzing sales and operational databases, and developing relationships with key decision makers. You can revisit his spotlight here.

Port Authority Privatization Explained

Since this blog is at the top of the charts, we can tell it’s important that we continue to use our blog as a platform to educate our readers. In case you weren’t one of the visitors that put this blog at the top of the list, we’ll give you a taste of it.

A port authority is a governmental, public authority formed by a legislative body to operate ports and other transportation infrastructure. Privatization of the port authority is transferring it from public to private ownership and control. Want to learn more? Check out the blog.

3 Signs You Need a 3PL Partner

This is one of our more recent blogs, but that didn’t stop it from being one of the most popular ones that we’ve posted this year. A lot of growing companies hit a point where it is just not profitable to keep logistics operations in-house.

It can be a hard decision to make, but 3PL partners are incredibly important to the success of many large companies. It’s important to know when your business could benefit from this partnership. Not sure when that point is? Check out the blog.

How Digital is Changing Workforce Demands

This is a topic that you will probably continue to see emerge on the blog over the course of the next year. Technology and digital advancement are drastically changing the operational landscape of the supply chain.

While these advances will replace some job positions that are currently being done by humans, they also create the need for specific skills your HR team will have to look for. Automation and robotics can expedite many processes, but there are also some skill sets that robots and automation just don’t have. To learn more about what those are, check out the blog.

Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Warehouse Manager

Warehouse managers play a vital role in the overall success of supply chains, so it’s not overly surprising that this blog found its way to our most read list.

Do you know exactly what your warehouse manager is doing to maximize efficiency for your operation? If not, check out the blog to find three questions you can ask. They’ll help you make sure your warehouse operations are not negatively affecting your bottom line.

We love being a resource to help keep our readers informed and educated about the industry. Are there topics we should consider writing about? Contact us today or reach out to us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


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