2018 Big Win: Saving Clients Money

Oct 25, 2018International Logistics

In an industry where you must always be looking to the future in order to succeed, sometimes our team forgets to look back and celebrate our greatest accomplishments. As we are starting to wrap up 2018, we have taken the time to reflect on some of our “biggest wins” over the last year. Our team is most proud of the fact that we have, so far, cumulatively saved our new clients over $5,000,000 in 2018.

How do we do it? It’s in our company DNA and values. We work hard every day to reduce costs for clients and to ensure that the most efficient, streamlined and engineered supply chain management plans are in place.

Over the last several years, our consolidation program has been a key cost-saving solution for many clients. Our team has streamlined our consolidation process, which has allowed us to confidently duplicate the program and provide our clients with major savings.

Below is a case study from one of our biggest wins with the consolidation program, where were saved a client over $1.9 million in annual spend.


The situation

Our team was working with a client that had three plants in the same city, but was operating as three separate entities when it came to shipping. This shipping overlap added an unnecessary amount to the client’s budget. It was our recommendation to consolidate the three plants and turn them into one customer, but we knew it would be an undertaking to convince the company to work together as a single supply chain instead of three.


Our sales and engineering teams put together a strategy to present to the client that explained how consolidating the efforts of all three plants into one, and working solely with TOC, would save them both time and money.

We knew that there was a way to reduce the number of containers that the client used each week by utilizing the container space in a much more efficient way. It became a three-month process to meet with all plants individually, and ultimately come together and uncover common ground and agendas.


We were able to consolidate the client’s shipping from 15 containers a week to 8 containers per week. This resulted in savings for the client across all three plants, totaling an annualized save of $1.9 million, against the previous year’s spend. The results for this project spoke for themselves and our client was thrilled with the cost savings we were able to produce.

Interested in learning more about how the expert team at TOC Logistics can help save your company money and impact your bottom line? Connect with us today!


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