More Robots, Less People?

Jul 23, 2015News

In today’s world, technology never stops improving. Think about it. From iPhones to computers to laptops to search engines and beyond, there are always new features easing workload. And as innovative companies continue to enhance their high-tech products, they start to create features requiring less work for people. This decrease of human workload only increases the workload for technological devices.

That’s where the phrase “more robots, less people” comes into play. Technology is the latest trend—a trend that’s here to stay. But are more robots and less people really the answer? Here at TOC we say technology and personalized, human customer service go hand in hand. Never will there be more robots, less people but rather more robots, more people.

Why some companies have gone away from people

Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon of “more robots, less people” and as much as we hate to admit it, technology is starting to take over all industries, decreasing the need for human capital. A variety of companies—Amazon, Nike, McDonalds, to name a few—are beginning to adapt new-age features by increasing their robotic workforce.

Many businesses are using technology and eliminating human workload for a variety of reasons: mainly, to kick out production and to cut down on labor costs. This sounds too good to be true but sadly, robots are good at what they do.

Though we cannot predict what the future holds for technology, each day companies are coming up with new ideas to improve their features within their industry, which in turn will quickly eliminate all human contact throughout the business.

And that’s what makes us different at TOC Logistics. Though we continue to improve in our technology features, in no way does that mean we decrease in human contact. Instead, we have chosen to invest in our incredible employees to increase the level of customer service satisfaction for our valued clients.

Why we remain dedicated to our employees and our technology

At TOC Logistics, we provide expertise in technology, dedicated account management, high-touch customer service and process optimization across all aspects of our clients’ businesses, regardless of the challenge. Knowing how stressful deadlines can be, we make it our goal to deliver before our deadlines to ease our clients’ stress.

Our desire for excellence is why we rely heavily on technology for our clients to deliver the solutions they want, within a timeframe they need. We allow our clients access to their product at key points in our process—and we ensure their operations manager is communicating with them on a regular basis. The technology we implement sets us apart from other logistic companies, providing features to our clients unlike anyone else.

To those who say, “more robots, less people” we say, “We value our employees!” We value the work they do and the technology that goes hand in hand with their everyday workload. At TOC, we want what’s best for our employees and our customers. Our goal is to enhance the client experience with technology rather than dominating the client experience with technology.

But this is only the beginning…. Stay in contact with us and continue to watch us grow as we find new ways to benefit our clients everyday.


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