The Problems with Online Bidding Auctions in Logistics

Jun 25, 2015News

Online auctions are ubiquitous these days. eBay lit the online shopping world on fire, and before long, those same principles were being applied to logistics companies in their quest to make the shipping process as user-friendly as possible for transportation needs worldwide. Being user friendly is good but we all know that there’s no such thing as a one-size fits all solution. Just like the eBay experience is less personable than walking into a retail store for clothing help, online bidding logistics companies are less personable than meeting with a shipping provider to create a customized solutions plan.

The online bidding auction is a quick solution, a singular-solutions approach that sets up a highest bidder for the logistics team they think they want. Some might consider it cheaper, or easier, but what are clients really buying with their money?

Much like purchasing a pre-owned drill on eBay, you never really know what you’re going to get when you participate in an online auction with a logistics provider. Many will take a Request for Proposal (RFP) and determine if their shipping centers can provide for the scenarios given by a bidder. In some instances, online bidders will respond to a Request for Information (RFI) to weed out impossible fits for customer satisfaction. Much like trying an item on for size, this step is an attempt in creating a positive relationship between carrier and bidder. However, since the process is never truly tailored to a specific company, but rather to the carrier’s capabilities and services, finding the right fit can be near impossible. While the process may seem quick and easy, the online bidding process ends up causing the client more frustration and headache than is necessary.

Enter the client connection that is a staple of TOC Logistics’ focus in maintaining customer satisfaction. Rather than letting the highest bidder, weeded out by RFI and RFP responses, be the determinant for our clients, we are dedicated to focusing on what’s best for our clients from the very start. We perform face-to-face meetings, personally speaking with clients so that we can understand their needs, goals and challenges before tailoring a customized shipping plan that allows for the smoothest operations in their supply chain. These shipping plans are complete with information analysis, modeling and strategy performed by industry officials that guarantees our clients the best plan for the best price. And TOC only works with carriers, airlines and steam lines that have a proven track-record of delivering results in order to ensure that our clients are getting the best in the industry, all the time.

We specialize in forming relationships with our clients by connecting with their business and trying our very best to weave our shipping solutions seamlessly into their business plan. We are committed to the process of tailoring customized solutions instead of merely being a choice company on a computer screen. Along with being dedicated to deliver powerful results, we are also committed to delivering these results as cost-effective as possible. Instead of meeting an internet algorithm’s check list, you get the full package here at TOC.

We know that logistic plans simply are not one-size fits all…and we modeled our entire business around that central idea: TOC was created to be different. If you’re ready to give up your online bid carrier, get started with us today by calling 800-717-0574 or emailing


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