Staff Spotlight: Oscar Gomez

Dec 14, 2017News

United States License Customs Broker, Oscar Gomez has only been with TOC for about a month but he’s been with ProTrans for 11 years and in the logistics industry for 15 years. His experience within customs, attention to detail, and passion for TOC’s customers make him a valuable addition to the TOC team.

How long have you been employed with TOC?

That’s a tricky question. I’ve been with ProTrans for 11 years, but I made the transition to TOC just a few weeks ago.

How long have you been working in the logistics industry?

15 years ago I started as a dispatcher. I used to go to customs, do the paperwork, wait for customs to work on everything, then take it all back and send everything. Now everything is paperless. I worked in logistics freight forwarding and as a traffic clerk where I learned a lot about brokerage.

What are your responsibilities as United States License Customs Broker?

The main thing I do is check that everything we do is in compliance with the law. We are the ones in charge of importing goods into the U.S. and doing all required paperwork. Once the goods come in, you have to check that everything is correct and if shipment generates duties, you must audit the system and make sure you’ve paid the correct amount, check compliance, and check everything is order. When you see trailers being stopped and incorrect papers being presented, that’s where we step in, that’s when the calls start.

What does an average work day look like for you?

The first thing I do is check pending shipments, and if there are two shipments with problems, I need to look into them. We handle bonded freight, so we check that everything has arrived correctly, check final ports, and check with teams on time-critical shipments.

Have you held any other positions at TOC other than United States License Customs Broker? If so, what were they?

At ProTrans I was a traffic clerk. I learned a lot about the problems we see on the border but also how to clear shipments in Chicago and New York and ocean shipments. I learned about local warehouses and helped material handlers when there were urgent orders. Five years ago I became a team lead and two years ago passed my broker exam

What is your favorite part of working at TOC?

TOC is the international leg of ProTrans and it’s been great because I’ve seen a team behind me. TOC has my back if something goes wrong, they are behind me and are here to support me with anything I need.

How do you see the future of logistics and supply chain changing?

Everything is evolving and this (industry) will too. You can see companies or startups using technology like drones and see a change in the way they do business. We will also have to evolve and invest in technology. We need to be very technology driven in order to keep growing. Customers will need more technology, more notifications.

How do you see TOC continuing to change and evolve as the logistics industry changes?

I see TOC evolving a lot. I have spoken to the team, and I think the plans and investments they have, and how they are using agents throughout the world, will help them prepare for changes that are coming. They are investing in people and their team and will be prepared to make the right moves in order to grow.

What do you think the most important thing is for your clients to know about TOC?

TOC is here to help find a solution. Even if customers have been importing shipments for a long time and suddenly face problems, we can fix it. We can analyze international routes and present cost savings using different ports or different methods. We are there to find solutions and are backed up with brokers and an international team. Being there and providing for our customers is what sets us apart.













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