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Dec 8, 2016News

When it comes to the supply chain industry, the word tactical is everywhere. Tactical strategy, tactical shipment execution, tactical planning, etc. The word seems very important, but what does it really mean?


Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition:


of or relating to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose

made or carried out with only a limited or immediate end in view


At TOC Logistics International, that’s what we specialize in. We are a premier international freight forwarding company that ensures goods arrive quickly at their destination. We are solutions driven and excel as tactical planners for our clientele, navigating the logistical side of supply chain management from start to finish. As an expert in the supply chain management industry, we also understand that the goal of a tactical plan is ultimately to spend less. After all, the ultimate measure of success is in what you actually spent – the hope is the price.


The strength of our name, TOC, is based on the idea of taking a step beyond the immediate and engaging in deeper analysis and conversation. In doing so, we bring our clientele exceptional results and continual savings. We search for inefficiencies and then apply engineering-driven solutions that reduce overall transportation costs.


Transparency, Optimization and Collaboration – that’s what we stand for, actively practice and believe in.



Conversations that matter.


TOC looks at the big picture – we meet personally with clients to fully grasp their shipment goals and challenges. Our team of account managers continually gathers shipment data and conducts an extensive information analysis. Together, we build a tactical strategy. We then develop and implement an engineered operational design for our client, making the cost-saving strategies a reality.


Our transparent nature makes this all possible. Through our online customer portal clients gain access to part quantity visibility, real-time order status and custom metrics that measure supply chain spend and performance. In other words, we practice what we preach giving you evidence-based results.



Digging deep.


We focus on reducing money spent, not the price secured. Optimization to us, means reducing our clients’ overall transportations costs. Based on our initial analysis, TOC digs deeper than many of our competitors, not only identifying areas for improvement, but helping clients make it happen.


We believe our clients can benefit more as a collective than an individual. As such, we coordinate aggregate buying between companies with similar resources and synchronize release/pick up schedules so everyone can enjoy lower costs due to a higher volume.


We have a reputation of increasing our clients’ container utilization to about 85%. Over time, our optimization programs have proven that by working with TOC, you can reduce the number of containers used and total money spent.



Putting the puzzle together.


The companies we work with operate on a global scale. Within their global supply chain base there are multiple players, payers and plants located around the world. Unbeknownst to them, companies that share similar supply chain objectives and resources could exist right under their noses. And while neither are optimizing their processes alone, together, they could incur dramatic savings. That’s where we come in.


We encourage, coordinate and manage collaboration between our clients. When major players from multiple companies are able to sit down and synchronize their supply chains, that increase in volume brings immediate and sustainable savings. This synchronization is something generally overlooked by account executives and company stakeholders, simply because they don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to figure it out. TOC takes the guess work out of collaboration by serving as a kind of “traffic controller” making sure everyone benefits and sees success as a collective.


It’s in our DNA.




As a freight forwarder, we have the ability to be a 3PL because of our focus on engineering, expertise and procurement capabilities, but really, we are a hybrid. Most of our competitors simply operate out of a remote office with bodies and systems. Functioning as a 3PL, companies pay them large management fees to help secure lower prices, but they never help them secure a lower spent. We do – and that’s what sets us apart.


For some companies, the tactical planning piece of their supply chain hasn’t been properly engineered, collaboration has been difficult or it’s simply missing. That’s where we step in to help. Our programs are involved, they cross multiple departments and require cooperation and communication from all important players, but it’s through this process that we solve our clients’ current needs and create avenues for ongoing improvement at the same time. It’s in our DNA and an important part of the belief system at TOC.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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